I have worked with Jim Stumpf for five years. Jim is a very dynamic person. He has a high level of integrity and is knowledgeable in many areas. He is also quite supportive and always upbeat. It is enjoyable watching how creative he is when facing new challenges. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jim should consider themselves quite fortunate!

Orion Maine Inc.

Bob BremmPresident

Jim is a true developer of people; his coaching not only helps business owners to find the best in themselves but also helps them grow their businesses successfully. Through his leadership and depth of experience Jim has built a team that will continue to have a tremendous impact in the business community. After a brief meeting with Jim you’ll find out why I highly recommend him to business owners and those looking to become business owners.

Dusty Callow

Jim is a driven and focused colleague who has always been willing to share and contribute to the success of our organization . Jim shares a vision of creating a network of entrepreneur and business coaches to help small business owners create the success they desire.

Jerry Baltus